Hand-drawn building design


​All of the projects begin life with pencil and paper

Hand made materials


​Almost all building materials are created in the workshop at Turaco farm, Nanyuki in the foothills of Mount Kenya.


Wood - From bush pole decking to framed rafter joinery.


Stone - Sourced locally and hand-sculpted, dressed and finished.


Metal - From window frames and door latches to chandeliers and bedsteads - all hand-welded.



​The Ironwood team have created some of the most impressive residential constructions in East Africa.



All of the working parts for a building project are carefully sourced and installed by the Ironwood team. 


All contracted work is carefully monitored to ensure optimal quality. 


Only the very best in plumbing and  electrics will do and Ironwood has the highest calibre technicians for the installations.



The Ironwood team has a crew of perfectionists, each dedicated to their own particular area of expertise.


Plasterers, painters, carpenters who have honed their skillset through hours of meticulous application.

Interior Design


Even the final fittings and furnishings are handled by Ironwood with their team of consultants who will guide the client through every step of sourcing and designing the furnishings to perfectly compliment the style.