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We were so fortunate to have worked with such an inspired client and an incredible design team for Arijiju. With Michaelis Boyd and Nick Plewman as architectural lead, Jinny Blom and her amazing crew designing the landscape and hardscapes that bring the property to bed so brilliantly in the landscape, and the interior design team of LIFE and their eclectic contemporary style, Arijiju had a masterclass team from the get-go. The opportunity to collaborate with all of them was an exciting and fulfilling experience, and one I am so grateful for. With our experience particularly in this kind of hand-crafted construction, to work so closely with the design team, to help direct the materiality of how the design concept became the worked finishes of stone, render, steel and wood was thrilling. To us, it is an essential part of how we work: forming the material connections and details that make any project special. Arijiju has so much in its essential design and application that relates back to early 18th Century vaults: the skill of stone cutters and complicated geometry. Together with the Ethiopian monastic inspired architecture, this was an incredible opportunity to really express ourselves within the challenges of such a wild and beautiful place.

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