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For the Sirai project we were engaged as a finishing contractor on the largest private residence construction we had ever experienced, working with an international team and the amazing architect Nick Plewman (NPA). We hand-cut all the local stone at our workshops and clad, in various different styles, every wall that decorates this beautiful house. To give you an idea of scale, we were left with 750 tonnes of stone chip waste!

Between the stone clad walls we finished the other areas with tadalakt lime plasters, earth renders made from locally dug mica rich soils and old Indian teak timber joined and hung for pocket openings. All the roof structures are slabbed from local timbers, pegged and scarfed to make the trussed roof cover all the major public areas. In the end, we took over the project almost entirely and built the last villa with its amazing curving floor plans and intricate cladded walls, designed and built the tree retreat and walkway. Later, with NPA, we built the spa, the yoga palace and Zen path through the orchid stepping stone garden. Over the years we have been back to upgrade finishes, working with the Sirai team on new ideas, like the vertical Botega Venetta blinds, leather work, antique mirrors and the buffalo viewing hide.

It has been an amazing journey and one we are proud to have been a part of. 

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